Merindy’s Corner

Merindy and friend

Putting on a sari in Bangladesh

Hi!  This is my corner.  I’ve been naughty and put in the corner now.  No, well, not especially so.  This is actually where I tell you about myself.

I’m in my mid-ish 30’s.  I am married to a wonderful husband, Jason.  We have 2 cats, Charcoal and Tux.  I have MHPD (Multiple Hobby Personality Disorder): reading, singing, spinning, crocheting, knitting (a very little), playing piano and guitar (sort of), hiking, camping, etc.  I am also a Family Practice doctor and my husband and I will be going to Bangladesh to practice at a small clinic called Kailakuri Health Project some time early 2014 if all works well.

Due to my MHPD, there may be random pictures of spinning, spinning wheels, WIP’s (works in progress), landscapes, and various nature-y items, or thoughts about what I’ve been reading

18 thoughts on “Merindy’s Corner

  1. hi doc hope your adventures are going well I love the fact you created a website and I looking forward to following your progress .How’s the learning of the launguage going?

    • Thanks! I’d love to take credit for creating the website, but everyone would know that I was lying and then what kind of reputation would I have? Ahh, the language. I now know 2 letters, and 3 words. Am (mango), Ma (mother), and gan (song). Good thing it’s a year till we actually get there 🙂

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