About Us

Who are you?

Merindy and Jason Morgenson are Family Practice doctors planning on doing long-term medical missions. They had triplets in June 2014, and another baby girl in February 2016. The triplets’ names are Naomi, Katheryn, and Logan, and the new baby girl’s name is Isabella.

Where are you going?

We are going to a country called Bangladesh, which is east of India. We will be doing medical mission work at the Kailakuri Health Care Project.

Why are you going?

Both Merindy and Jason have felt that God has been calling them to be medical missionaries since they were young. Bangladesh seems to have the most need.

What will you be doing?

We will be doing health teaching, health promotion, disease treatment, and praying with staff and patients.

How long will you stay?

God willing, we plan to stay in Bangladesh indefinitely.

When will you leave?

Our original plans were to arrive in Bangladesh on January 2014. We had a few delays due to health issues, the triplets, and our new baby girl. The kids have all been huge blessings, though. We hope to leave now in early 2018, God willing. =-)

Are you taking the kids with you?

Yes, we plan to take the kids with us. In Bangladesh, children are usually raised in a community setting, with a lot of people to help look after the kids. We will probably have more hands to help us there than we have here in the USA. The following was written to us in a letter from Sr. Joan, who was a missionary in Bangladesh from the 1990s to 2012:

“I rejoice to know you still plan to go to Bangladesh when the babies get a little older and stronger. In Bangladesh you will be able to raise the babies very well. The people love children and will take good care of them under your loving and careful direction.”

How can we help?

You can:

  • Pray for us
  • Follow our website posts and share them with friends
  • Come to Bangladesh and volunteer with us sometime =-)

Prayer Support

Please pray for us. Specific things you can pray about would be that we would all remain healthy, and that we would be able to leave for Bangladesh soon. Thank you so much for your prayers! If you would like, you can send us prayer requests, too. Just write to us on our Contact Us page. We believe that prayer is the world’s greatest wireless connection. =-)

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