Leaves a fallin’, Balloons a flyin’, and Isabella a standin’…

The leaves fell off all of our trees a few weeks ago. The kids really enjoyed playing in the leaves. The thing they found the most fun was being buried in them.


Logan, Katheryn, and Naomi playing in the leaves

More photos and videos of the kids playing in the leaves:


We also had a chance to go to our local Balloon Festival a couple weeks ago. We got the kids up and out the door and arrived there by 7am or so (a major feat). Unfortunately the weather had rain and wind predicted for the day, so none of the balloons were able to launch. Some did put up the balloon, just for people to see. The kids were very excited about the balloons, and still talk about them now.


Merindy and the kids watching a balloon go up

More photos of the Balloon Festival (it was quite chilly!):


Isabella is starting to stand with help and cruise around in addition to crawling. She sees the triplets up and walking around and really wants to do whatever they are doing.


Isabella standing with Merindy’s help

More photos and video of Isabella standing and trying to walk:


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