The Triplets! day 1 (or, what day is it?…)

You would think that a website/blogsite with the title “…& the Triplets” would have a lot more about the triplets in the posts. Maybe that is what happens when you have triplets…life moves into a time warp and now it’s 8 months later, and yes, I’m finally typing something. (Pause, need to go feed a baby…) They really have been a joy in our lives, though. It’s hard to express the smiles that well up when they laugh and greet you with their little grins or smirks or “bah bah bah” sounds that they make. The time in the hospital was worth it. Being doctors ourselves and taking care of babies this small in our own work I think made the process easier–maybe not. I think my wife would disagree. I at least felt that I could let go and let the specialists that we know so well just do what they needed to do. We were all in a tough spot, and whether or not the babies made it and did well was really up to God. We have very little control over the overall outcomes. We can do our part and do our best. But the rest is up to Him. He has blessed us greatly, and the babies are doing well now. They have actually always done well…from their premie births to their coming home to their first attempts at crawling. It’s hard to believe. A year ago we were waiting expectantly. Today we wait expectantly to see what tomorrow (or the next few minutes) may bring…crying, laughing, more poopy diapers, a wrestling match, an audience, a toy (or container of some sort) that is suddenly fascinating, something else dumped over, something with its contents strewn on the floor (and a fascinated little one looking to see what else is in the bag), But that is life…with our triplets. Wouldn’t trade it for anything (maybe a vacation…just kidding).  =-)

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