On This Day…


On this day, over 2,000 years ago, God sent His Son to earth to become a baby…to become one of us. As I reflect on this past year and all that we have been through, I am still amazed at the 3 little miracles that God has given us. They are a lot of work, but they are worth it. It is hard to imagine exactly what it was like to be Mary and Joseph. We had the announcement of our triplets coming from our doctor doing an ultrasound. Mary had the announcement that she would be pregnant with God’s Son from an angel. Joseph had never been with his future wife and was going to divorce her quietly once he found out she was pregnant. Who was going to believe this crazy girl that said she was pregnant by God’s power? Yet an angel came to Joseph in a dream and told him to stick with Mary, to go ahead and marry her. That must have been some dream. Mary’s cousin Elizabeth was pregnant in her old age–another announcement from an angel. These very ordinary people were living in nothing but the wonder and awe of God. We understand now, much better, all the trials and physical challenges of pregnancy, birth, and having  3 little miracles enter your life. You always live the moment with a mixture of expectancy and uncertainty of what is to come. You live in faith that God is doing what is best for you, no matter how it turns out. How much more it must have been for Mary, Joseph, and their families, to go through Mary’s pregnancy with the expectancy that Jesus was inside of her, and that He was to be the Messiah. How confused they must have been when they realized that God meant for them to take a journey to Bethlehem right when Mary was about to give birth. And when they got to Bethlehem, there was no room anywhere for them except an animal stable. No fancy hospital, no doctors or midwives to attend the birth, no family members. I doubt if Joseph had ever seen or assisted with a birth before this time. The Bible gives us no details of the actual birth of Jesus, just that he was born and they placed him in a manger (animal feeding trough) in the stable. How confused Mary and Joseph must have been…is THIS what God wanted for His Son? Maybe they just dreamed the whole thing? Yet God sent His assurance through angels again, visiting some nearby shepherds who found their way to the stable. This would be similar in our day and age to some homeless people showing up to tell us that they saw angels telling them baby Jesus was God’s Son. Shepherds were not a revered group. They were the lowest of the low and not usually trusted. Yet God has strange ways of telling us His plan. He wants to see if we are paying attention. And He ultimately wants to let us know that He has not forgotten us. We are exactly where we should be. And God is with us.

4 thoughts on “On This Day…

  1. This is beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes to think of your faith and then to go back in time and go step by step with the Holy Family. When you describe a trough I think of how we are to love the meekest and most vulnerable and that is what babies are and that is what many Bangladeshis are. You do great work! Mary Kate

  2. Jason and Merindy, It has been wonderful receiving all your emails, newsletters and pictures of your 3 beautiful babies. What you wrote about the Holy Family was very beautiful and so timely as we celebrated the feast of the Holy Family yesterday. We believe you had a very special Christmas with your own family this year. This Christmas season was so blessed this year as well as we shared it with our 2 grandbabies, Nolan and Josie and their parents. We agree it is an amazing experience the birth of a child! It is hard to imagine what it was really like for Mary and Joseph as they welcomed Jesus, the Son of God as their son. Also on Sunday Fr. Tom baptized another baby who joined our family. He also celebrated the Mass for Fr. Doug on the 5th Anniversary of his Death. Your decision to serve at the Kalaukari Clinic is so heart warming knowing that Fr. Doug’s would be so appreciative to see that his influence and efforts to see the clinic continue for all these years is an answer to prayers. We thank you both for your willingness to make this commitment. Our prayers are with you as well as our financial support. We will continue to provide what we can. Blessings to you and your family in the New Year. Peace and Love, Steve and Judy

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