YOLO Olympic Triathlon

OLYMPUSJason doing laundry in Bangladesh

Jason doing laundry in Bangladesh

YOLO Olympic Triathlon

August 17, 2014     7:00am – 11:00am

Aurora Reservoir, Colorado

This is the second of three triathlons I’m doing this summer in honor of the triplets and to raise awareness about the mission work we will be doing in Bangladesh next year. The first triathlon on 6/29/14 was the TriBoulder Sprint Triathlon (20.6 miles). We were looking for 100 prayer partners for our mission work and we had an overwhelming response. We now have over 100 prayer partners for our mission work. Thank you!! If any of you are not in our prayer partner group and would like to be, please let us know. This Triathlon (the YOLO Olympic, 38.3 miles) will focus on raising funds for Kailakuri Health Care Project in Bangladesh, which is where we will be going in 2015. These funds are for Kailakuri’s General Fund, which is separate from our own mission account. We will be doing fundraising for our mission account later this year. Currently, Kailakuri has a $46,000 budget deficit due to donations being down this year. Kailakuri survives mostly on donations from people like you and me. They do not receive any government grants. The patient fees only cover about 7% of the operating costs. Kailakuri is a health care project inspired by Jesus’ compassion for the poor and sick. Kailakuri promotes health care for the poor by the poor of Bangladesh. The staff see 100-120 outpatients a day, manage 30-40 inpatients a day, manage 5 diabetic outreach clinics, and 17 village outreach programs for weighing babies and doing prenatal care. Almost all the people at the project are local people with no more than a high school education. They have been trained and supervised by Dr. Edric Baker from New Zealand since 1983. We hope to do what Dr. Baker has been doing and ensure that the healthcare of the poor there continues. If you would like to make a donation to Kailakuri Health Care Project’s General Fund, please click on the following link:
Just $5, $10, or $30 can make a big difference. If everyone invited to the YOLO Olympic Triathlon donated $30, we would have over $12,000 raised toward the budget deficit. Thank you for your support! God bless! =-)

Dr. Baker with staff at Kailakuri Health Care Project in Bangladesh

Dr. Baker with staff at Kailakuri Health Care Project in Bangladesh

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