We’re expecting!

The triplets on ultrasound

The triplets on ultrasound

We have great news! Merindy is pregnant…with triplets! Thank you so much for your prayers! This past year has been quite difficult. In March last year, Merindy ended up in the emergency room due to severe hip pain. We decided that we should probably focus on Merindy’s health before heading to Bangladesh. We saw a number of specialists, and one of the treatment options was pregnancy. We needed to trust God a lot, as we have been trying to have children for several years. In December, we found out that Merindy is pregnant…with three! Since triplets are a very high risk pregnancy, we are praying that everything will go well. Your continued prayers are much appreciated! The triplets are due July 30, 2014, but will likely be born earlier. We will keep you updated!

2 thoughts on “We’re expecting!

  1. wow!!! I’m sooo excited, you and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers!! WONDERFUL NEWS congrats!! You both deserve those babies!! You both are blessed!

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