2 thoughts on “Karakul Lamb Fleece

  1. Merindy, you look well rested and happy! The fleece looks beautiful, too…I see lots of potential in it for things to make!

    • Thanks, Sue! It’s a coarse wool, so you definitely wouldn’t want it next to the skin. It is going to be one of the many yarns for my crocheted rug. I’m thinking with all the beautiful colors in one fleece, it might help blend the other wools I have together. Karakul is supposed to be one of the oldest breeds of sheep. I’m Also kind of wondering when I’ll ever finish said rug as I keep finding new breeds that I want in it. That and I decided against plying the different breeds together and decided to do each breed separately in a breed specific yarn. Sigh. So now I have two bobbins each of the breeds I’ve already spun so I can make it a 3-ply breed specific yarn sampler rug. Good thing I like spinning 🙂

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