Southeast Colorado Bike Ride

This past summer Jason’s been able to do some bike riding. The scenery of southeast Colorado is high desert plains and is quite impressive.

We are in a bit of a drought pocket of southeast Colorado. A lot of ranchers have had to sell their cattle, because there isn’t enough grass for them to graze.

Despite the drought, I find some of these scenes quite picturesque.

There is some life in the high plains. Here’s a short video of bees busy at work on the local desert wildflowers. Pay close attention…

Here’s some photos of the desert wildflowers that the bees like and another desert plant I have yet to identify.

The photos and videos above are from earlier this summer. We actually got rain about once a week this year. Usually it rains once in spring and once in fall at best. The plants north of where we live have really benefited from the rain. Here’s some shots of the black-eyed susans along the road north of us.

The bike ride is great exercise, too! =-)

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