Garden Update

Some of you may be wondering how our garden has been doing since we last posted pictures. Well, it’s gotten bigger!

Our Garden

Our garden has grown! =-)

The herbs that Merindy planted are doing well. Unfortunately, I can never remember all their names. They smell good, though!  =-)

Our squash unfortunately did not do well this year. Usually we have some powdery mildew to take care of, but this year we got a squash bug infestation. Since the plants were hidden off to the side, the squash bugs had pretty much decimated the plants by the time we realized it. We tried spraying (which we don’t usually do), but it was too late. =-(

The tomatoes and hot peppers are doing well, though! We even have a volunteer bean plant that is growing. We planted beans last year, but not this year. I guess we’ll have to see what kind of beans it grows.  =-)

Our volunteer sunflowers are growing, too. They seem to grow all over this part of Colorado.

Last but not least, our potato plants seem to be growing well. We won’t know until later if they’re actually making any potatoes underneath all that foliage. I never did get time to hill them up this year. Hopefully they will produce okay.

Potato plants

Potato plants

In the grassy part of our yard just next to the garden we have a locust tree. Earlier this spring I was walking out underneath the tree and heard a lot of buzzing (it was actually more like a low hum). I looked up and saw dozens of bees flying around the flowers on the tree. Here’s a short video of the bees at their work. Bees are such a good sign for a garden (and the whole area!).

We hope you liked the tour. The tomatoes are really good. We’d give you a sample, but Wonkavision hasn’t come to the internet yet. 😉  If you haven’t seen it, Jason’s Corner was recently updated on our website as well. Take care!  =-)

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