Our 8th Anniversary

This past month we celebrated our 8th Anniversary.

Wedding cake

Top tier of our wedding cake

Merindy has been asking me for the last 7 years if I could remake the top tier of our wedding cake. I finally found the recipe.

8th Anniversary

Our 8th Anniversary

The recipe is for strawberry shortcake modified a bit so that it can actually be a wedding cake with multiple layers. The recipe is online at Martha Stewart. It’s fairly easy to make. The cake has almond paste and cornmeal added to give it strength to stand up in layers. Whipped egg whites are the major leavening ingredient. The filling is made from mascarpone cheese…yum!

Cake close-up


We celebrated our anniversary at the Two Sisters Inn in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Wendy and Sharon, the innkeepers, were nice enough to let us assemble our cake at the inn.

Sharon and Wendy

Sharon and Wendy sharing some of our cake

They even took pictures of us cutting and serving our cake. It was almost like having our wedding all over again!  =-)

It was a fun weekend!  =-)

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