Last month we finally got to digging up the garden and doing some planting. This spring was pretty cold, which is unusual for southeast Colorado. We actually had freezing temperatures through the beginning of May. Our goddaughter Zuriko and her husband Chris helped us dig most of the garden the first week. (I forgot to take pictures that week.) Our friend AJ from church helped us dig the rest and do some planting.

Merindy has a lot of waste wool from her fleece sorting and spinning that she does. So we got to use the waste wool for some of the mulch this year. It looks like little puffy clouds have settled on our garden.

Last year we had corn and beans as our experiment. This year we decided to try potatoes. We also have our tomatoes, hot peppers, squash, and herbs that we plant most years.

The garden grows quite well if we keep it watered. This area of Colorado has been in drought for several years now. We double dig the soil as it tends to get a bit compact. We also add composted manure from a friend’s manure pile, peat moss, and a little bit of fertilizer.

It’s quite amazing (though hard to see in the photos). The tomatoes, squash, and peppers all have flowers already and are starting to grow some fruit! Summertime is here. =-)

4 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. We are trying potatoes again this year too. We did not have much luck the last time we planted potatoes. We are also trying watermelon! We thought that William would enjoy watching it grow…and eating it =)

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