St. Baldrick’s Day!!

Yesterday was St. Baldrick’s Day. I shaved my head to help raise money for kids with cancer. This is the third year that we’ve done St. Baldrick’s Day in our area. It’s also the third year I’ve shaved my head (and beard, too!). Yesterday was also the first time I’ve had my hair cut since St. Baldrick’s Day last year. This year I shaved my head in honor of two people. I shaved my head in honor of Erik, my best friend who died of cancer when I was 14 years old. I also shaved my head in honor of Ismael, a little boy who is the son of one of our friends in California. Ismael was diagnosed with leukemia last year and just got home recently from a year of treatment in the hospital.

Before the shaving

Before the shaving

I'm bald!

I’m bald!


Here’s the video of me getting my head shaved.

If you’d like to help fight childhood cancer by making a donation to St. Baldrick’s, just click on the link below:

Jason’s St. Baldrick’s Day Website Link

Photo Gallery

Here’s the whole photo sequence…

Thanks for helping fight childhood cancer!  =-)

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