Washing feet…

Yesterday was Maundy Thursday, the day when Jesus washed his followers’ feet for the Passover meal. Washing feet in those days was the job of the lowest servant. Jesus washing his followers’ feet reminds me a lot of when I was in Bangladesh. Out in the rural areas of Bangladesh, many roads are still made of dirt, which turns to mud in the rainy season. So, traveling by foot or bicycle usually meant lots of mud and muddy feet. Everywhere I went people told me to wash my feet. I found this kind of odd, since there was so much mud around. The people there, though, did not just tell me to wash my feet, they usually helped me. They would point out where the nearest water pump was for washing feet and even pumped the water for me. Often this came from complete strangers and kids along the road. I realize now that they weren’t obsessed with clean feet, but rather they were looking out for my well being. They were looking out for my well being, just as Jesus was looking out for the well being of his followers. It is good to look for Jesus in the people around us, and I can truly say that I have seen Jesus in the people of Bangladesh.

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