Well, as of today, we are officially unemployed.  It would be more impressive, I suppose, if I didn’t still have a backlog of at least 12 hours or more of work left to finish.  I was hoping I’d be done with that yesterday.  But alas, the course of true . . . never mind.  Anyway, other than the not getting a paycheck bit, it doesn’t really feel like we’re unemployed.  We’ll be going to my parents for a couple weeks, but then we’ve got the course in Pennsylvania and travel to Canada, then we’ll be going to California for another course.  Next will be Wisconsin, followed by Minnesota, Iowa, and Kansas.  If all goes well, we’ll have moved to Oklahoma in June, and will go to Liverpool for a Tropical Medicine course in September.  In between, I’ll be doing locum work here and there to finish paying off those pesky medical school loans before we can go to Bangladesh.  And trying to get the house cleaned up to sell.  I somehow feel like I may be wishing to go back to work again. 

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