Mother said there’d be days like this.

Remember that song?  Today was a “Mama said, mama said” kind of day.  I got called in the middle of the night and had to go in and do an admission.  Not much by call standards, but today is my “day off” and I had “lots to do.”  So I also needed to go see another patient in extended care, but knew that I had to get some boxes mailed first or the post office might not be open when I got done.  Round it out with an interview at the local paper (Thank you, Bette!  You’re an angel) and I knew time would be tight.  I had also anticipated getting some breakfast and lunch in there somewhere.

   Flash forward past the admission and sign out of said admission to me tackling the mountain of boxes in the garage that is nearly as tall as I am and trying to find/reach the exact boxes that I need for each of the little piles of presents that needs to go in them and the large bag of wool that needs to be double bagged and double boxed.  Thank God it warmed up some and that my hip wasn’t hurting.  I felt vaguely like an acrobat or gymnast in the contortions required to reach some of the boxes.  However, about 20-30 min later, I finally emerged somewhat dusty, but with a large pile of approximately correctly sized boxes.

  Next step, actually matching box size up to present stash size and using up some of the hoard of packing paper/peanuts/bubble wrap that came with the boxes.  (Note we are not even going to begin to talk about the fact that said presents are going into the boxes in Mid January, and not mid December).  This is after several hours of present wrapping were done last weekend.  Next step.  Closing up the boxes with tape.  Ran out of packing tape.  Found new role of packing tape after a short search.  Realized one box was missing an item (fortunately before taping).  Commenced search of entire room which involved putting all the presents in their respective boxes and still not finding the item.  Called husband to see if he had seen it and found it under the bedskirt just as he answered the phone.  Sigh.  Got off the phone, put the present in the box and sealed it up.  Final box also missing an item.  Will have to mail it Saturday.

   Now getting closer to time of Newspaper interview (2 PM).  Put labels on boxes.  Start to write in addresses.  Can’t find address book.  Only have 2 of 6 addresses in my phone address book as I’ve never really updated that and still depend on my old green canvas 3 ring binder address book.  Label the 2 I have.  5 minutes before the interview is supposed to start, I finally locate the address book.  On the bright side, there is now a clean spot on the table where I originally looked :-).  Finished filling out address labels and put the boxes in the car and go to interview only 15 min late.  Bless Bette for telling me we could be a little flexible.

  Had scarfed down a bowl of cereal, but still haven’t had lunch.  Stomach audibly growling during interview.  Had good interview with Bette though and a good talk about (what else?) gardens and food as well as our preparations for Bangladesh.

   Then on to post office at about 3:45 PM.  3 customs tags to fill out, and, oops! never asked Jason what was in the box that he is sending so that will have to be delayed till Saturday too as I can’t reach him on the phone before I check out.  About 45 min later, customs forms filled out and boxes fully taped and labels taped over so that they won’t bleed or come off if they get damp, I’m finally walking out of the post office with the 2 boxes I still have left to mail, and 2 more boxes worth of stuff at home that still need to be packaged up and mailed.  Note, we will be driving my parents gifts down to Oklahoma, so this isn’t even all of them, and I’ve already mailed the gifts to Wisconsin!  Sheesh!  But I get a happy half skip in my heart as I’m imagining all the gifts going winging to their new owners and hoping they will be loved on arrival.  Only a half-skip though, as I’m so hungry that I think my stomach will start eating itself pretty soon and there isn’t enough energy for a full skip.

  Thank you, God, for Bamboo Panda!  By about 5 PM, I came home and ate food that was already prepared for me and drank a bunch of liquid to replace my dehydrated self’s stores and here I am blogging.  I still have to go in and see a patient.  I have not yet started on the litterbox cleaning, fishtank cleaning, dish washing, table clearing off, etc, etc, etc.  I haven’t even had time to spin.

  How can boxing up items that were already wrapped and getting them taped, labeled, and to the post office take an entire day?!  Sometimes I think I need a day off to recover from my day off.

  On the bright side.  My hip doesn’t hurt.  And I got Bamboo Panda.  And my kitties are sitting beside me as I write this blog.  And the weather was warmer today, so I could go out in just my sweater until the sun went down.  And the presents are (nearly) all mailed, so I hopefully won’t have to do the same thing all day on Saturday. Actually can’t, cuz the post office closes about noon, and for once, I’m happy

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