I’ve just been reading a blogsite by a gentleman named Arash ( if you’re interested) about his spinal cord injury and his work towards recovery and have decided that I am a mental wimp.  Granted, the pain I’ve had in my hip hasn’t been particularly easy to deal with.  However, I can, on most days, still walk.  On those days I physically can’t move, and those are rare, I know that I will be able to do so again.  So, am I happy for that?  No, on most days I’m feeling a bit sorry for myself that I’ve been so limited on the things I can do.

  So here it is, a New Year’s Resolution.  Stop being a Mental Wuss!  Pray more, fuss less.  Nothing earthshaking or groundbreaking, but it’ll take some reframing of my attitude and that’s gonna take some work.

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